Empathy, By Carl Rogers

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Empathy, Probing and Summarizing Empathy is often described as having consideration of someone else feelings. Webster defines empathy as, the feeling that you understand and share another 's experience and emotions. Empathy consists of having the ability to feel another person 's feelings and the ability to place oneself in another person shoes or situation. In counseling, the therapist is expected to show empathy for their clients whose experiences are different from the counselor. The role of the counselor is to support the client with any issues or concerns. The role empathy plays in counseling. Role of Empathy in Counseling According to Counseling Resources(2015), Carl Rogers describes the important role of empathy in counseling as a therapists understanding the client 's feelings and thoughts according to the client 's own perspective. Empathy is an important element in counseling between a therapist and the client. The therapist has to make the client feel respected and understood. According to David Martin(2011), an empathetic therapist sees the client as the source and problem solver. An empathetic therapist can help a client with past experiences and develop a better understanding of the experience and their feelings. Ed Neukrug(2013) describes Robert Carkhuff 's Five Level Empathy Scale: Level 1- reflections are inaccurate, Level 2- feelings or content not quite accurate, Level 3- accurate feelings of both feelings and content, Level 4- reflections of feelings

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