How Does Empathy Affect Our Mind?

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In the initial stages of life, regardless of race or sex, we all believe the world revolves around ourselves. We physically cannot comprehend with our minds that people possess altered viewpoints and emotions. As children, why would we? We desire our own demands and the needs of others around us are irrelevant. However, as we mature, there are developments in our body and brain that allow us to perceive this concept differently. Over time we all develop the sense of empathy in our minds which allows us to understand each other. The uniqueness behind the concept of empathy is that not only is it developed at altering rates and varying amounts depending on the person, but also that it can be drastically increased by our own choices; simply …show more content…

Furthermore, an hour later his call light lit bright red. A small side note-- often times patients would accidentally roll on their call light remote, but regardless of the situation, I had to enter the room to assure that the patient did not need any assistance. Back to the scenario, I hesitantly walked into the darkened room, shades drawn and immediately upon entering I was pleasantly greeted with a “what the hell do you want now?” Needless to say he clearly did not want to be bothered and wanted me out of his space and I was not opposed to that idea. Contrastly, on a separate day, a nurse instructed me to change the batteries in a different patient’s monitor- Patient B. I walked in the room filled with natural light and in the patient’s room were flowers and family. I was greeted with a smile from both the daughter and the patient who instantly cracked up a joke with me wondering what she had done wrong this time. I share this little excerpt of Patient A and Patient B because it can be perceived in two ways. The first way, the way I felt walking out of Patient A’s room was “ what a cranky old grouch, I’m just trying to help.” Alternently, my second perception of this situation did not come to me for a few days after; Patient A, was in the hospital for three months. Next, ponder on how I never saw a family member visiting him. Of course, there were days I wasn’t there,

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