Case Study : ' Stand And Deliver '

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Title: Team Application
Author: Team One
Charles Brereton, David Wolff, David Walker, Garret Ryan, Conner Freeland

Introduction/Objective: Each team member watched the movie, “Stand and Deliver” and completed the discussion questions in this week’s team application, (Musca and Menendez, 1988). During our team discussion, we analyzed the leadership qualities of Escalante. The team discussed how Escalante could read his environment, knowing himself and how to effectively implement his application of leading. The author notes the importance of knowing yourself by identifying who you are and what you stand for, (Bennis, 2009). As a team, we discussed Escalante’s ability to be flexible, by changing his approach to overcome a challenging situation. The team agreed that Escalante followed an authentic style of leading. The team noted that this method of instruction would probably not be an acceptable practice in most schools. The setting for which this movie was depicted was a lower level high school that was in the midst of losing their accreditation, (Musca and Menendez, 1988). The team discussed members of the faculty and their behavior towards their students. The faculty lacked the essential leadership qualities that are needed to properly motivate their students to become successful in obtaining a higher level of education. The team members agreed that a majority of the teaching staff followed the transactional method of leading. The team felt that the environment alone was

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