Case Study: Starbucks’ Structure Essay

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Barista: This job contributes to Starbucks success by ensuring our service and store standards are met. We do this by providing customers with prompt service, quality beverages and products. Starbucks and partners will experience a friendly, upbeat and clean atmosphere.
Key Responsibilities: Develops enthusiastically satisfied customers all of the time. Welcomes and connects with every customer. Discover customer needs and appropriately suggests product with every customer to enhance service and meet sales goals. Offers customers demonstrations, and samples using brewing equipment.
Howard Schultz became convinced that he could turn coffee drinking into a cultural experience. He had traveled to Italy and watched with interest as city …show more content…

Going through Starbucks case study, the best suited departmentalization for Starbucks would be by Geographic Region. Starbucks has its financial affairs, legal affairs separated from stores. It has also added talent management, human resources and training and development as part of being specialized departments. This structure works, because it is separated from day to day business and does not interfere with store operations.
This will help in the different locations to adapt the menu to accommodate. For example the Starbucks in Florida may sale more ice coffees than in Washington State where it is not as hot. When the increase of competition began the decline of sales for Starbucks, the leadership shouldn’t try to centralize power. With the leadership being centralized the organization may start making bad decisions because it only allows for two or three leaders to be overwhelmed and start making wrong decisions, where as if they were to have more ideas from their employees they may be able to come up with a structure that can help them through the decline of sales
The configuration that best fits Starbucks would have to be the divisional organization. This is because Starbucks has different products and many business units all around the world.

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