Case Study : Supply Chain Management

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Supply Chain Management covers a broad spectrum of jobs and responsibilities. It deals with the production, transportation, and distributions of goods. (National Career Service) The purpose of a supply chain manager is to make sure that these processes are done and documented correctly in an efficient manner. (Rutgers) An interview with a Distribution Manager at Kelloggs provided some insight on how their company does things. They have everything well organized in a way to streamline production processes and cut down on waste produced. (Jacobs, 2016) Every company will do things in their own way that works best for their company and their customers. An example of the values and goals of a company is good to apply to the information about what a supply chain manager does in order to fully understand their role in a company. Introduction The major I chose is supply chain management. This focuses on the management of production and transportation of goods. It follows goods produced by a company from the moment they receive the raw materials for production until they are delivered to the consumer. (Rutgers) I chose this major because this degree will allow me to move up to a management position in the company I already work for. While that is the main reason I chose this major, I am also interested in the process of efficiently getting the products where they need to be and hope to do my part in creating this process as efficient as it can possibly be. There are many

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