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Study of Supply Chain Management in Jewellery Industry of India

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Bhawana Saraf (2014PGP104)
Prakhar Nagori (2014PGP121)
Raghav Bhatnagar (2014PGP124)
Vinay Jain (2014PGP142)
Yashvardhan Kabra (2014PGP143)

Title: A study of contemporary trends in supply chain management in Jewellery industry in India.

Introduction: Jewellery Market of India
India 's gems and jewellery industry had a market size of Rs 251,000 crore (US$ 40.58 billion) in 2013, and is expected to reach Rs 500,000-530,000 crore (US$ 81.61-86.51 billion) by 2018, according to the FICCI-AT Kearney study 'All that glitters is Gold: India Jewellery Review 2013 '.
The study also projected that the country 's gems and jewellery market could double in the next five years. The growth will be driven by a healthy business environment and the government 's investor friendly policies. India is deemed to be the hub of the global jewellery market because of its low costs and availability of high-skilled labour.
India 's gems and jewellery sector has been contributing in a big way to the country 's foreign exchange earnings (FEEs). The Government of India has viewed the sector as a thrust area for export promotion. In FY14, India 's gems and jewellery sector contributed US$ 34,746.90 million to the country 's FEEs.

Reason for choosing it
The gems and jewellry sector is one of the most important sectors of Indian economy and has also been one of the

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