Case Study : The Boeing Company

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Introduction to the Company On my first day I was surprised when I was brought to this huge company as an intern. At the beginning I definitely had no ideas what should I do and was a little bit nervous. But after a while when I got what should I do I felt comfortable. The colleagues that I worked with were very nice and helpful. The tasks and projects that I was assigned to were very interesting. I had to read, learn, and work on EVMS and control accounts. At the beginning, I noticed that the work and communication was done very fast. This was a great opportunity for me to learn because I had little knowledge of EVMS and after I did my projects I learned a lot about EVMS. Overall my introduction with the company went really well. The…show more content…
The Rockwell business units became a supplementary and secondary of Boeing, named Boeing North American, Inc. In August 1997, Boeing combined and unites into with McDonnell Douglas in a US$13 billion stock swap under the name The Boeing Company. The company’s vision is divided into three different areas which are: Strategies, Core competencies, and Values. Examples for strategies are, deliver customer value, lead with innovation, leverage global strength. Examples for core competencies are, detailed customer knowledge and focus, technical and functional excellence, lean global enterprise. Examples for values are integrity, quality, safety, trust and respect, and stakeholder success. Daily Tasks and Activities During my internship in the company, I have worked on multiple tasks, projects and activities. My projects and activities can be divided into daily tasks that involved office work, and the lab tours and meetings. Projects During my internship in the company, I had been assigned to work on a couple of projects and activities. My specific projects consisted of the following: Earned Value Management System (EVMS) In this section I am going to explain what I’ve
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