Case Study: The Unitedhealth Group

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Background The United Health Group, headquartered in Minnesota, is a national managed care company offering products and services through United Healthcare and Optum Health. Through all its divisions, it serves about 70 million people, and in 2010 posted a net income of $4.6 billion. The organization, created in 1977, is the largest single health carrier in the United States, with a national network of about 700,000 physicians and healthcare professionals, 80,000 dentists, 5,554 hospitals, and pharmaceutical management for 13 million people. As a company, the four overall guiding principles are to: 1) Improve the quality and effectiveness of healthcare for Americans; 2) Enhance access to health benefits for all citizens; 3) Create products and services that make healthcare more affordable, and;4) Use technology to make the healthcare system easier to navigate (United Healthcare, 2012). Organizational Standards Excellence in leadership is a goal for any modern organization, but in the field of healthcare, it is critical to the organization's success. Too, management and leadership are not the same thing, and in the 21st century, leadership within healthcare is more important than ever because of the challenges of systems combining processes, people, and resources to achieve the end result of an appropriately professional and cost-effective healthcare service for individuals (Governance Institute, 2009). J.D. Power and Associates, for instance, gave United Healthcare the
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