Case Tools Essay

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By way of definition, CASE tools are Computer Aided Software Engineering. CASE tools are software tools that are used to design and implement applications. CASE tools were partly inspired by CAD (Computer Aided Design) tools that were used to design hardware products. CASE tools are used to create software that is high-quality, defect-free, and maintainable. CASE tools are often used with other automated tools, in the software development process. (Wikipedia, 2016)
CASE technology is the automatic step by step procedures for software and system development and are illustrated by the stage of the software development life cycle on which they are focused. Different tools covering different stages share common information and it is required that they integrate through some central repository system such as a data dictionary to have a consistent view of required information. CASE tools can be broadly utilized into such areas:
1. Requirement Analysis Tool 8. Diagram Tools
2. Structure Analysis Tool 9. Process Modeling Tools
3. Software Design Tool 10. Prototyping tools
4. Code Generation Tool 11. Web development tools
5. Test Case Generation Tool 12. Quality Assurance Tools
6. Document Production Tool 13.Database Managing Tools
7. Reverse Engineering Tool 14. Re-engineering Tools (Tutorialspoint, 2016) (IAC Publishing Labs, ND)
I truly think that the above insight into the world of CASE tools, it should be obvious how these tools can
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