Case Study: Union Baristas at Starbucks? Essay

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Case Study: Union Baristas at Starbucks?

Case Study: Union Baristas at Starbucks?

After I read the case study what I had gained from reading it is that Starbucks does not want their employees under any circumstances to become unionized. The IWW believes that Starbucks does not treat their employee fair and equally because of the 42 percent of employees have company provided health insurance which is a lower percentage than Wal-Mart's 47 percent. In any case the IWW is trying to build a strong lawsuit against Starbucks because they believe that the New York Starbucks fired three employees that supported the IWW and gave the rest bad performance appraisals and stopped anyone from wearing the IWW's supporter pins. It is true that …show more content…

Actually I think that Starbucks is doing a very poor job at defending themselves against IWW. They started out good at first but then defense became more awkward because of the emails between managers that went public displaying the information it contained about them learning that a couple of their employees were pro-union it was not a good look for Starbucks. In fact it makes them look like they have something to hide altogether. However, I do believe that Tara Darrow salvaged the reputation of Starbucks when she made her statement letting people know that Starbucks respects the free choice of their employees even though she hopes they don't unionize. Even though the manger's emails became public about what they found out about some of their employees if the company didn't want that to reflect badly on them they should have clarified that they are just checking to see which employees support the union so we could have a sit down with them and try to come to some kind of agreement without the union become a factor. That statement alone would have never aroused any suspicion about Starbucks or the activity of their managers. Usually when unions show up on the door steps of an organization they are usually there to fight for the rights and better treatment of employees. Unions

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