Case Study of Apollo Hospitals, India

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Apollo Hospitals of India 1. Background The Apollo Hospitals of India started out with the creation of the first corporate hospital in the country by Dr. Prathap Reddy. The hospital excelled at providing high quality medical care to patients across the country and its success has stimulated similar institutions to also be formed. Despite the competition however, the Apollo hospitals remain successful and continue to attract both patients as well as doctors. The hospital is in fact a for profit institution, providing high quality medical care to patients who can afford the prices. The initiatives of Apollo nonetheless raised the national standard for health care and have inspired evolution. Today, the company itself is looking to expand by opening new hospitals and setting up the basis for the Indian Hospitals Corporation, which would provide "consulting services to share the company's expertise in hospital management and to license the Apollo name to doctors and entrepreneurs" (O'Connell, 1995). The company is also interested in creating a hybrid organization to offer both medical insurance, as well as medical services. 2. The Apollo Hospital in Madras The Apollo Hospital in Madras was the first location opened and operated by Dr. Prathap Reddy and it has been a highly successful one. The sources of competitive success for the hospital are numerous, and some of the more notable examples in this sense include: High quality of the medical services provided to
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