Case Study Of Shouldice Hospital

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Hospital Overview:
Shouldice Hospital is one where only external abdominal hernias are operated. The hospital has a unique “technique” for this which was developed by Dr.Earle Shouldice, the founder of the hospital. The hospital with its low cost solution, properly routine tasks, facilities for the patients and their visitors, high quality service, and best in industry doctors and staff had a competitive edge. The Shouldice Hospital in itself is not just a curing centre but a holistic experience for its patients, doctors, nurses and supporting staff alike.
2. Problem Statement:
Shouldice Hospital is a well famed hospital for those looking for hernia repairs. It has been serving people for the past half a century. Today the demand for services offered at Shouldice Hospital is much higher than its current capacity of 89 beds
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Operating Cycle at Shouldice:

4. Success story of Shouldice Hospital:
• Success of Shouldice hospital can be accounted to its huge customer base who are extremely satisfied with the service provided by the Shouldice Hospital.
• Shouldice method of operation and quick recovery at relatively low cost are its USPs and thus enjoys overfull demand, with 1200 backlog patients.
• Recurrence rate is very low in patients treated at Shouldice Hospital (0.8%) when compared with other hospitals (10%) which results in patients preferring Shouldice Hospital.
• Employee satisfaction is very high as they are paid more than union scale for comparable jobs. Through flexible and regular working hours surgeons are able to maintain work life balance.
• Exhibit 3 (in the case) tells us that the patients are extremely satisfied with the operation procedure, physician care and nursing care of Shouldice Hospital. Nearly 86% felt that the Hospital cared for them and 58% felt that Shouldice hardly felt like a hospital.
• High quality of service is being provided to patients at low cost. The cost comparisons between Shouldice and other hospitals in Table 1

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