Case Study of Uber

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How Uber works ?
The process is simple from the consumer’s point of view: You request a car by texting your address or by using Uber’s iPhone or Android app. Because Uber sends the nearest driver to your location to pick you up, your ride arrives within 5 to 10 minutes. Then you just hop into your car and get out at your destination, with no need of fumbling with money because Uber automatically charges your credit card. (You punch in your credit card information into the app before requesting a car.)
The Algo:
• From the computer scientist’s point of view, the process is a noble attempt at solving the complicated traveling-salesman problem, in which you’re trying to determine the shortest …show more content…

How big is the fleet at present? What are the expansions plans, given the increasing demand?

Currently we have 5000 cabs across four cities. 1,800 in Mumbai, 800 in Hyderabad, 1,200 in Delhi, and 1,200 drivers in Bangalore. We plan on adding an additional 500 drivers in each city by March 2011. Meru cabs ply in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad. We are evaluating the cities of Chennai, Pune and

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