Case study week 3

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Aaron Blakey
Professor Phillip O 'Meally
Survey of Software Systems
26 July 2015

Week 3 Questions Assignment

1. Describe the difference between transactional and analytical information, and determine which of these types Spotlight used to identify its 10 tribes.

The difference between transactional and analytical information is that transactional is a current transaction, whereas analytical looks at long term trends. In order to identify people as one of ten, Spotlight uses analytical information. Analytical information is so important because with it, companies are able to organize and analyze their data. Transactional data is important also, and is necessary to help businesses make short term and immediate decisions to alter current …show more content…

Partial information only refers to a small part of the picture, and thus is incomplete. In order to put anything into any sort of database, information should always be complete. Consistency is important and you may have noticed it in use by websites. When you 're asked to input a phone number and it won 't let you continue unless the amount of characters are met, and you are also unable to input any number higher than the normal amount of

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