Casey Blackwell. Spc 1608. Professor Workman. 7 February

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Casey Blackwell
SPC 1608
Professor Workman
7 February 2017
Walt Disney
I. Open With Impact
A. A creative person famously stated “It all started with a mouse.” You may be thinking that you know who this mouse is, but not too fast. Yes, it is Mickey Mouse, but who was the brilliant man that created this happy little creature?
II. Thesis Statement
A. Walt Disney has made a significant impact to the entertainment industry with his cartoons, movies, and theme parks.
III. Connect With Audience
A. Walt Disney created an empire that has played a role in each of our lives. Whether it impacted our childhood or still impacts our lives today.
IV. Preview/Transition
A. Now how did Walt Disney create Mickey? In order to answer these …show more content…

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the first animated movie ever created in the year 1937.
2. The movie was a huge success and was recorded to make about 8 million dollars with its first release.
C. Pinocchio ("Walt Disney Animation Studios.")
1. Pinocchio was Walt Disney Studios’ second animated movie to be released 1940.
2. Pinocchio had a unique storyline and hit songs that became very popular.
3. However, the successful of Pinocchio was not as grand as Walt wished for.
D. Following the creation of these first few movies, Disney Studios began producing many more box office hits.
E. Pixar ("Walt Disney Animation Studios.")
1. In 2006, Disney Studios purchased Pixar films.
2. Pixar is known for its kid-friendly animated movies.
3. Some of examples of Pixar movies include Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and many more of our childhood favorites.
F. Marvel ("Walt Disney Animation Studios.")
1. The purchase of Marvel for Disney Studios was a huge success.
2. Marvel is an incredible company that specializes in making unique high energy action films.
3. A limited number of the many Marvel movies include The Avengers, Captain America, Thor.
G. Lucas Films ("Walt Disney Animation Studios.")
1. Just recently in 2012, Disney acquired Lucas Films.
2. This purchase gave Disney a huge share of the movie market.
3. Lucas Film movies that we all know and love are Star Wars and Indiana Jones.
H. Each year Disney

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