Walt Disney 's Influence On The Entertainment Industry

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Walt Disney was a very influential man to the entertainment industry. He made animation a whole new type of entertainment. Although Walt went through many struggles and problems, he pushed on and eventually saw results for all his hard work. Many hardships got in Disney’s way such as unsupportive parents and even bankruptcy; Walt pushed on through, always creating, working hard, and persevering to accomplish his dream.
Walter Elias Disney was born on December 5, 1901, in Chicago, Illinois. His father, Elias, was a carpenter when Walt was born. Eventually, Elias and his wife, Flora, saved up enough money to start a home building company together. Walter had four siblings: Roy, Herbert, Raymond, and Ruth (Russell 9). Because Ruth was younger than Walt, Walt waited until the age of seven to start school so that he could start at the same time as Ruth. Before he went to school, his mother, Flora, taught him how to read (Russell 10). Walt grew up on the Disney family farm and worked hard on the farm. He worked at the neighbor’s farm- raising corn, wheat, barley, cows, pigs, and chickens (Giltin 18). Later, Elias grew sick, and the Disney’s had to sell the farm. They moved to Kansas City (Russell 11). Throughout Walter’s schooling, he loved to be on stage- directing, producing, and being on stage (Russell 11). Many things inspired Walt Disney’s creativity: moving, roaming, playing in the farmyard, fishing, doodling in class, and editing the school newspaper are just a few…
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