Cat Observation

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I think that the introduction to the speech went well. When I started the speech, I thought that my cat would come home from the veterinary clinic healthy. It was hard to do the speech after he passed away. I mess up in a few spots, because I was holding tears back. I believe that the organization of my speech was well. I did stumble with some of my words that messed me up on the speech. I did not tell where all my information came from in the speech, but one time. As all my information came from all three sources, I would have repeated myself throughout the speech.
However, I do believe that I gained the interest of my audience. Urinary blockage in cats is hard to notice if you do not know what you are looking for. I believe that my audience now understands what can happen to a cat with or without a veterinary’s help.
II. Body I believe that the body of my speech were clearly stated. I gave details of what someone could look for to know if their cat is having problems. I think that my evidence is also plainly stated, considering I lost my cat to this disease. I planned my speech as I was told everyday what was going on with my cat. I added information as it was giving to me. As a peer told me, I also think that my
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I know that is some parts of my speech it was hard to remain calm. I did however; keep eye contact with my audience during my speech. As much as I tried some of my distractions, I could not avoid. I did try to add vocal variety to add impact to the word death in my speech. I think that I did communicate enthusiasm for the topic that I choose. It is something that I think everyone should know about. I did not move around much due to my space that I had to do my speech. During my practice speech, I was pacing and I did not like the way that it made me look, so in the final I tried to stand still. I did move my arms to show which part of the body that I was talking about throughout my
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