Catch The Moon Character Analysis

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How do people deal with change in their lives ? If we wanted to look into this change what can we learn from it and their reactions ? Changes happen in our everyday lives from plans, to things were going to do and things were going to say and there's no way of avoiding that everything changes and its constant if we didn't have adaptation the world would be a mess, animals would have died off because they couldn't change their behaviors or actions to survive. Like the story Metamorphosis , the man changes into a bug almost cockroach looking creature and he still tries to press on and go to work as a salesman despite being ugly and completely changed. My opinion on this idea is that change is absolutely good for the world and everything happens for a reason, nothing is random and nothing is not planned change adapts you for your daily life and keeps you ready for the future and upcoming problems it also can make you tougher.

The story Catch the Moon by Judith Ortiz , in the story a troubled boy named Luis Cintron and he is in a junkyard owned by his father and himself but he isn't having a good time he must get hubcaps from old cars pile them up and polish and clean them. Because he got into some trouble with a gang and broke into a house, he then meets a girl and falls in love he slowly begins to change for the better. One thing this teaches us to think about this story is that it proves that change can be good or change can be bad because this change was love and love

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