Causative Agent: Papillomavirus

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Marlyn Voiselle
Microbiology- Disease Project

Causative Agent: Papillomavirus
Disease: Plantar warts, Genital warts & Cervical cancer

Classification of causative agent:
Papillomavirus are members of the Papillmoaviridae family and are non-envelope DNA viruses.

There have been over 100 different types of Papillomaviruses that have been identified. The root word of Papillomavirus, Papilloma, means epithelial growth or wart. Most cases of the virus causes warts on different parts of the body, mostly in the genital area. For some strands of the virus there have been vaccines produced to help prevent the spread of papillomaviruses.

Virulence factors of the causative agent:
In chronic or severe cases of papillomaviruses malignant transformations can occur causing the formation of cervical cancer.

Mode of transmission:
The transmission of Papillomaviruses are through skin to skin contact. Sexual contact …show more content…

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