Cause And Effect Essay On Climate Change

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Global climate change is real it has noticeable effects on the the environment. Climate change in the earth is caused by numerous activities. When climate change happens; temperatures can rise dramatically. Rapid warming like we see notice nowadays is uncommon in the history of our planet. The rising of will have great effects on the plant’s climate patterns and on all living things. temperatures When temperatures increase, different adjustments can occur on earth. For example, it can cause droughts,floods,air pollution,as well as extreme heat waves. Oceans are also experiencing changes: oceans are warming and becoming more acidic,glaciers are melting,and sea levels are rising. As these adjustments occur in the future, it will cause challenges to our society and environment.
Air pollution in the form of carbon dioxide also increases the earth’s temperature;climate changes expand the production of air pollutants. People are trying to put things in order so there is less air pollution and it will not have a big impact on climate change. Airborne pollutants are contributing to global climate change; air pollution can create a disastrous outcome for the nation. Cutting carbon pollution right now so the next generation will not inherit the climate changes would be a good start. President Obama created a plan to address this problem. Thinking Obama's Clean Power Plan would make the issue better it made the issue a bigger dispute between companies because it would be expensive

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