Effects of Climate Change Essay

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Can you imagine a world without the state of Florida? Having a giant hole in Australia? Asian Islands vanished under water? While many people have doubts about the underwater city of Atlantis, we are looking at a world where underwater cities will no longer be objects of wonder and fantasy. The map above is an estimate of what the world will look like if the ice caps melt and sea levels rise the projected 216 feet. As one can see, entire cities will be wiped off the map. While Wisconsin will not become flooded as a direct result of this catastrophe, one should not be naive to think that Wisconsinites, along with everyone else in the world, will not be directly affected by this global melting. In fact, Wisconsin’s outlook may be just as…show more content…
1 out of 8 human deaths are linked to poor air quality. It is common in big cities to have smog and frequent air alerts, if Wisconsin becomes a shelter for humans who become displaced due to rising seas, Wisconsin could become a smog filled region, leading to health problems and possible deaths. With more people living in a smaller region, there will be more air, land, and water pollution, which will make the global climate situation even worse. Our Earth cannot afford a worsening climate situation, even at this rate, the planet will become uninhabitable to any human life and the human race will no longer exist. The second area of impact is the Earth’s sustainability. Our water, fuel, and farming resources are becoming strained by the sheer number of human lives that the earth has to support. We are at risk of depleting these resources completely and will not be able to survive. Even if we were to completely switch to wind, solar, and water energy this very second, we would need to burn astounding amounts of coal and oil to be able to produce these other energy efficient resources. It is then a question of whether or not the Earth can sustain the carbon waste that will be admitted trying to produce these machines, while still supporting the multiplying number of human lives. If the environment or oil talks do not interest you, the quality of human life itself should. Overpopulation will directly cause
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