Cause And Effect Of Global Warming

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Global Warming and it effects on the Earth Oluwadamilola Oguuntoyinbo Gilbert Beauvais Medgar Evers College

Abstract Human life have been significantly affected by the industrialization of our planet, consequently resulting in an increased emission of greenhouse gases. These gases have contributed to the increasing temperature of the Earth which is known as Global warming. Of all the greenhouse gases, Carbon dioxide emission have the largest impact that contribute to Global warming. In addition, increasing carbon dioxide emission has become a growing trend in developed countries. The evidence of global warming are glaciers retreating, extreme weather patterns occurings, and animals that depend on cold climates for survival are at risk of being extinct. Even with the evidence of Global Warming, there are some people who does not believe in global warming or see it as an issue that should be addressed. One of the common arguments by non-believers of global warming is that the earth surface temperature was always increasing in the past.

What is Global Warming?
Global climate change is one of the most controversial topics debated by scientists, particularly because the rise of climate change critically endangers human life, and all

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