Cause And Effect Of Video Games

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The Effects of Video Games Do you know that the first video game was released in the 1970s? Video games used to entertain people. Video games are available to any age that wants to play video games. The definition of video games is any games played using electronic chip, such as an arcade machine or console ( Video games have several types of games such as action, adventure and role-playing, arcade, strategy, simulation, driving, puzzle and sports. Theses are types of video games that anyone can play them. There are different systems or programs developers can video games work on. The developers are always used computer to create their games. Now the developers of video games prefer that their games work in consoles because the hackers hacked every video game on computer. Therefore, anyone can play video games with out paying any money. The first console was released in 1972 and the console was the Atari 2600 with video game called pong. The video games consoles evolve every year. In video games every game has specific age for each game. The entertainment software rating board (ESRB) gives a limit age for all games. EC-early child (favorable for ages 3 and over) , E-everyone (favorable for ages 6 and over), T- teenagers (favorable for ages 13 and over), M- mature (favorable for 17 and over), AO- adults only (favorable for 18 and over) (effect if video games on children). Some studies by education

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