Cause Of Child Abuse

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” Child abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime”(Herbert Ward). Child abuse occurs in the world and can cause damage which can last a lifetime. Child abuse is widespread among the nation; therefore,child abuse should be prevented. Child abuse occurs when a parent or adult causes harm to a child. Child abuse has been around since the early ages. In 1870, the first case caught the nation's attention which involved Mary Ellen Wilson, an eight-year-old orphaned who was being abused. The author states, “Wilson’s case went before a judge who convicted the foster mother of assault and battery and gave her one year sentence” (Child Abuse Background and History). New York became the first state to push for Child protection laws and soon after other states followed. According to the article,“in 1874, The New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children was formed”(Child Abuse Background and History). “The types of child abuse are physical abuse, sexual abuse, mental abuse, neglect, and shaken baby syndrome”(Child abuse and Neglect prevention). Physical abuse is when a child has been harmed nonaccidental . It includes leaving “ unexplained bruises or wept on a child”(Recognizing Child Abuse). Physical abuse includes burning, breaking a child's bones, or even cause abdominal and head injuries. This also includes not providing a child with food. Physical abuse can also be when tape is put over a child’s mouth to quiet a child. It can also include not dressing a
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