Cause Of Grief Essay

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It was a Saturday afternoon in the small town of Moscow, Idaho when tragedy struck. My grandfather was meeting with a businessman from Seattle, when an armed gunman entered the building. The gunman proceeded to shoot my grandfather and the man from Seattle several times. The man from Seattle was transported to a hospital in Seattle by helicopter, and thankfully, survived. My grandfather was rushed to the nearest hospital in an ambulance, but died due to the severe damage the bullets had caused to his chest. I vividly remember my parents breaking down in tears I never knew they were capable of. That day I experienced what it was to truly grieve.
Grief is defined as, “a cause of such suffering,”(Grief). To me, grief is pain and sadness put on steroids because of something you never think capable of happening. Or in other words, death. It’s like a blade slicing through your heart as you are stabbed in the back. In the medical world, grief is defined as “deep mental anguish, as that arising from bereavement” (Grief). But I believe grief comes specifically from someone’s death, not just “being deprived of a loved one” (Bereavement). It takes longer than a few days or weeks to get over something like death, and that's what the term grief explains. They say there are
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Mourning shows you are dispirited on the outside, where as grief is the constellation of thoughts regarding the traumatic event, strung together internally. For Example, In the book The Catcher in The Rye, the main character, Holden, experiences grief right in front of us as he talks about his dead brother Allie. Holden is instructed to write an essay for one of his peers so he uses this as an excuse to write indirectly about Allie. Holden abruptly mentions, “He’s dead now.” leaving us to believe there is something deeper going on here (Salinger, J. D.). Holden is still grieving about the loss of his brother as he reflects backs on
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