Causes And Effect Of Sarcoidosis Auto Immune Disease

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Dakota Sick
Professor Ballenger
ENC 1101 9:30am *
11 October 2015 Sarcoidosis Sarcoidosis is like many words origin from the Greek language meaning Flesh Like or Fleshy.
Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory disease, although many researchers and doctors argue that Sarcoidosis auto immune disease it actually causes the immune system to become over active. Sarcoidosis can affects multiple organs but most commonly affects the lungs of about ninety percent of its patients. Sarcoidosis is when white blood cells become overactive and put out granulomas which are a collection of inflammatory cells.
The cause of sarcoidosis isn’t yet known. Mycobacteria a type of germ that causes tuberculosis was considered to be the cause. The supporting …show more content…

There has not been any reported case that animals have Sarcoidosis or that having a domestic animal will cause the disease to worsen. Sarcoidosis can decrease your chances of getting pregnant if symptoms and outbreak is severe. There have been many women that still gave birth to healthy children and no reports have been documented that the children were affected by the disease. Twenty to thirty percent of patients with the disease affect their Cardio system. Twenty three to thirty percent of patients have complete heart block while twenty five-sixty five percent of patients wind up with congestive Heart failure. Seventy percent of the patients that have sarcoidosis and have the affects in their lungs have swollen lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are used throughout your body to filter out harmful substances. Sarcoidosis can be diagnosed during an x-ray exam. The x-ray will show shadows from the swollen lymph nodes around the lungs. This is not always an effective way to determine if it is sarcoidosis the patient has, because when the lymph nodes are swollen it just means something isn’t right with the body. The symptoms this disease as well as the x-ray can point to other issue such cancer. The lymph Nodes swell when a problem has occurred such as an infection, or injury and white blood cells group to an area to heal the infected area. So the next thing to do is to take a bronchoscope and insert it in the nose or mouth then pushed in the lungs where the doctor

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