Causes And Effects Of Autism

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When someone mentions electric shock therapy what comes to your mind? Is there a connection somewhere in your family tree to ‘Fragile X’? Are there toxins in the air that are more dangerous than we think? Can watching too much television while you are pregnant actually be harmful to your unborn baby? What could all of these questions possibly have in common? The answer is Autism.

Imagine the overwhelming joy of holding your healthy newborn child and counting ten perfect fingers and toes. It is hard to believe, when you look at his big blue eyes and dimples, that he could ever be anything less than perfect. But two years later, you hear the words “your child has autism”, and can’t help wondering if you are responsible in some way.

Thesis Statement

There is growing evidence that the rapid rise in reported cases of autism is caused, and influenced equally, by genetic and environmental factors. Environmental factors include a broad range of influences as varied as parental age, birth complications and maternal nutrition at conception, vaccines and exposure to pollution during early brain development. Most genetic factors are considered in combination with environmental ones. It is believed that over time genetic changes brought on by the environment are passed on to future generations predisposing them to disorders as autism. While thousands of dollars and countless studies claim to have found a concrete link between environmental and genetic factors and the new

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