Soil Erosion Essay

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Soil erosion is a natural event that affects all land. In farming and other agriculture, soil erosion refers to the weathering away of topsoil by the natural forces such as wind, water or through acts associated with farming such as tilling. Soil erosion can be something that happens slowly over time or something that can happen in the blink of an eye causing severe land damage. This article shows the cause and effect of soil erosion on farm and agriculture land.

Wind erosion occurs mostly in flat, dry areas with fine, sandy soil. Wind erosion is caused when the wind moves topsoil from one place and deposits it to another. The speed and extent of the wind depend on the amount of soil erosion done. Extreme wind erosion can cause severe amount damage to land and crops. Wind erosion damages land and crops in many ways, one such way is soil drifting. Soil drifting can lead to soil infertility which in turn can lead to poor crop growth and production, especially in areas where wind erosion is very common. Continual wind erosion in one area over time can change the texture of the soil by loss of sand, silt, nutrients and organic matter. The removal of such matter from the soil makes it harder for the soil to hold moisture, making it more difficult for crops to grow. Wind erosion also damages crops by burial of plants and seeds or unearthing of newly planted seeds, resulting in expensive delays and making it necessary to replant. Abundant woods and vegetation around

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