Causes And Effects Of Stress

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Stress is a normal reaction to life events. Stress is what you feel when life demands more than you are used to or more than you think you can handle. Some stress can be useful, such as studying for a test or meeting a deadline at work. Stress that occurs too often or for too long can cause problems. It can affect your emotional health and interfere with relationships and normal daily activities. Too much stress can weaken your immune system and increase your risk for physical illness. If you already have a medical problem, stress can make it worse.
What are the causes?
All sorts of life events can cause stress. An event that causes stress for one person may not be stressful for another person. Major life events, whether positive or negative, commonly cause stress, such as:
Losing a job or starting a new job
Losing a loved one
Moving to a new town or home
Getting married or divorced
Having a baby
Injury or illness
Less obvious life events can also cause stress, especially if they occur day after day or in combination. Examples include:
Working long hours
Driving in traffic
Caring for children
Being in debt
Being in a difficult relationship
What are the signs or symptoms?
Stress can cause emotional symptoms, including:
Anxiety. This is feeling worried, afraid, on edge, overwhelmed, or out of control.
Anger, including irritation or impatience.
Depression. This is feeling sad, down, helpless, or guilty.
Trouble focusing, remembering, or making decisions.
Stress can

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