The Stress Levels Of Individuals With Dark Personalities

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Abstract Stress having a negative effect on an individual’s personality, could be worse for one who holds a dark personality. The main purpose for this experiment will be to analyse and find an affect between the stress levels of individuals with dark personalities and non-dark personalities. This will be accomplished by using 60 second year psychology students who study in the University Of Kent. 30 participants will be in an experimental group and 30 will be in a control group however both groups will do the same task. The groups will be divided into two and will take the experiment in one of the two psychology computer rooms assigned by the experimenters. They will have a series of questionnaires which includes a short scenario of a real life event and will also watch a short video clip in order to complete this task. While the participants are undergoing the experiment there heart rates will be checked before, during and at the end of the study in order to measure the change in their stress levels. When all the tasks are complete the data will be collected and analysed.

Comparing the Stress levels of Non-Dark personalities & Dark personalities Every person has a different personality and it is a very important aspect that identifies a person for who they are. Personalities can differ due to everyone having different perspectives and beliefs about various things. The world wouldn’t be what it is now if everyone was the same and didn’t have their personal…
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