The Stress Levels Of Individuals With Dark Personalities

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Abstract Stress having a negative effect on an individual’s personality, could be worse for one who holds a dark personality. The main purpose for this experiment will be to analyse and find an affect between the stress levels of individuals with dark personalities and non-dark personalities. This will be accomplished by using 60 second year psychology students who study in the University Of Kent. 30 participants will be in an experimental group and 30 will be in a control group however both groups will do the same task. The groups will be divided into two and will take the experiment in one of the two psychology computer rooms assigned by the experimenters. They will have a series of questionnaires which includes a short scenario of a…show more content…
Everyone is unique and although they can be very similar, they may belong to different families, which results in them having biological differences, which is another important factor and can help shape one’s personality. Of course with various personality types, sometimes conflicts occur between one and another due to all types of different characters and behaviours. It all depends on how the person generally is. Certain people have a tendency to stress more than others, and this is just down to how they generally act and live their life. As we all know stress isn’t an optimistic feature to have, it would be better to avoid any stressors and when not avoided stress can result in causing negative effects for a person. Martin, Carlson and Buskist, (2010, p.749) stated that: “Stress Is a pattern of physiological, behavioural, emotional and cognitive responses to real or imagined stimuli that are perceived as preventing a goal or endangering or otherwise threatening a well-being”. Many different things can cause stress. These matters can be small for example: having to wait for long hours in your car in traffic, or can be a bit more serious such as having a very bad disease or illness. It would be very helpful to try to focus on more positive things in order to reduce the stress someone may be going through. However when the stress gets too intense and the duration of stress is going on for too long, this can result in a negative way,
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