Causes And Solutions Of Bullying

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Causes of and Solutions to Bullying
Bullying is a purposeful attempt by an individual to control others through verbal, physical, or emotional abuse. Although the practice has been in the American society for long, the recent statistics, especially in learning institutions and workplaces, are worrying. About 27.8 percent of school-going children are affected by bullying each year, with approximately 160,000 of them staying at home every day. They experience poor school adjustment, depression, and sleep difficulties. Moreover, bullied students are more likely to have academic problems, abuse drugs, and commit suicide. They are also twice as likely to experience health problems such as stomach- and headaches (PACER Center, n.d.). Beyond schools, bullying is rampant in workplaces, with harassed employees wasting between 10 to 52 percent of their time at work trying to defend themselves and handle the stressful environment. The practice also affects the health of workers, leading to high level of absenteeism and decreased productivity (Carter & Vandersteen, 2014). This paper discusses the causes of bullying, arguing that self-centeredness is the primary cause, and suggests ways through which this problem can be resolved.
Causes of Bullying
Some children develop the bullying habit due to lack of ideal role models in the family environment, which makes them unable to regulate their emotions and solve problems. Usually, kids try to emulate their parents’ behaviors.
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