Bullying And Its Effect On Children

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Bullying is an abuse that hurts someone, either emotionally or physically. 3-4 year old children repeat some actions again and again intentionally to hurt someone and irritate other people through those actions or hit someone again and again for the same purpose (McIntyre & Franks, n.d.). In 3-4 year olds, bullying is considered intentional. There are three to four kinds of bullying in early childhood we can identify (physical, verbal, and cyberbullying). There are also some steps through which parents can over-come bullying because if parents don 't stop bullying during early childhood, bullying will increase with the growth of that child (Storey & Slaby, 2013). There are too many problems with bullying, such as stereotyping, which is one of the major issue that will occur if parents do not control their children in early childhood. Children can also develop dysfunctional relationships later in life as a result. For example, a child in her early childhood, whose name is Rena, is constantly being bullied by her cousin, Chris. He bites her arms and pulls her hair because she plays with his toys. Rena may carry her hate towards him from now till the time she grows up and by then she will only see negativity in Chris and would hate him forever. That is if her parents don 't change her perception of Chris while she 's still in the early years of childhood. That 's bullying and that 's only one problem with it. There are so many other issues like this at the age of 3-4.

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