Causes And Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia

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Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain disorder. It is the second most common disorder that affects your muscles and bones. It causes widespread pain and tenderness to the body. It may even be touch sensitive in certain parts of the body. This disorder is very common to get over time if you are a woman. Around 2-4% of Americans have Fibromyalgia and that is a ratio of 8 to 2 with women being over men. It can occur at any age, even in children. Fibromyalgia can affect a person physically, mentally, and socially. The symptoms of Fibromyalgia tend to vary from person to person. In fact, doctors often misdiagnose it because it isn’t easy to pinpoint exactly what it is. Some cases are far more serious than others. The most common symptom is muscle and joint

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