Causes Of Global Warming Cause And Mitigation

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Global Warming Cause and Mitigation Climate change is both natural and anthropogenic. The change has another name such as hominoid prompt and convince the change of the climate. Climate change because of the indemnification of gases in green house. A small minority of scientists reject the finding of and propose that global warming is driven by the sun. There is different type of gases such as methane carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide that move into the air. When the change of the atmosphere which is the air the next thing we have to look at is property which is land and how it effects and change it dynamic. global warming is caused by the enhanced greenhouse effect. The only external source of energy available to earth is the sun. The change come when trees are cut down, slice or cut back this will remove a lot of the earthworks for it to become whole and to heal from the inside. I understand that the increase of green gases causes short wavelength energy that has been pull from the sun and it is attract by our amazing earth. The greenhouse also brings warmth to trees and plants for growth and that how energy is absorbed. Energy that has a long wavelength are not able to breakout effortlessly.
The contrast is not effect mean the it is not affect to the earth. in contrast, A lot of gases which is a contrast that increase and immersed for the reason social movement. Human movement Industrial development has burning mass and also exhaust secretions equal to chemical

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