Causes Of Japan Suicide

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Although Japan is one of the largest countries in the world and it has the third highest economy in the world, it has faced a great rise in suicides rate due to the many reasons that push thousands of Japanese to commit suicide yearly. Japan’s suicide rate had risen to the extent that every fifteen minutes someone commits suicide in Japan and over 100 suicides are officially reported daily. However, the rate wasn’t that high until in 1998’s economic crisis in Japan that led many people to lose their jobs and money and since then, the suicide rate stayed high. Some people argue it’s the economic reasons that leads people to suicide, while others argue it’s the mental reasons. I believe it’s the mental reasons as the economic reasons will lead to mental exhausting that will lead to suicide.
According to statistics that was done by the Metropolitan Police Department in 2009, over 30,000 people committed suicide yearly. This is why japan is called “The World’s Suicide Leader”. And statistics shows that over 32,000 Japanese people kill themselves yearly in Japan. However, The Japanese Government doesn’t consider suicides as a public issue, but a personal matter. This Statistics shows nations that has the highest suicide rates.

And as shown, Japan is the first with 19.4 person among 100,000 committing suicide.
Economically speaking, Japan went through a great economic collapse during the 90’s that was called “The Lost Decade” which stayed for over 10 years. Japan went through

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