Causes Of Nursing Shortage

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While living in the United States there is no denying that the fact of a shortage of nurses throughout the country. The role of a nurse cannot be filled by just anyone, the nurse needs has to put in countless hours of hardwork and dedication to be able to provide safe and quality care to a patient. This fact alone is enough to make a person feel as if the career of a nurse is not for them. The purpose of this paper is to inform the reader of possible factors causing the shortage of nurses. The sections of this paper is broken up into three sections: scientific, professional research, and a position paper. There are multiple conditions that factor into the idea of why there is a shortage of nurses spanning across the United States, some of these conditions include: economic levels, retiring nurses, limited experience of newly graduated nursing students, and the demand of nurses being more than the supply that is available within America. With a large percentage of all health related services being provided by nurses, the shortage can play a role on how effective the service is being provided to the patients. Research Content Scientific Article An article written by Timothy M. Snavely called Data Watch. A Brief Economic Analysis of the Looming Nursing Shortage in the United States, brought to life the scientific research that he discovered about the nursing shortage across the United States. This article is about the market forces of supply and demand playing their part in
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