Causes Of The Pequot War

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In the year of 1637, a war broke out in the Massachusetts Bay area against, mainly, the Pequot Indian tribe and the English Puritans. There were a multitude of valid reasons for the starting of this war between two varied groups of people. It, as stated by Katherine A. Grandjean was a, “brutal, total war,” one that “[defies] short description” (Grandjean, 2011).
Consider the sudden changes in the economy, politics, and culture to get an idea as to why this war began. The Europeans entered a world that was “dominated by the Pequot” (McBride, 2016). Colonist’s, however, believed that they had a “God given right to settle this new world” (The Society of Colonial Wars, 2011). This resulted in conflicts and disputes over property, livestock ownership, damages done to Native American’s crops, hunting of animals, dishonesty in traders, and the selling of alcohol to the Native Americans. Being viewed as “savages” as The Society of Colonial Wars said, convinced a few members of the Pequot tribe to become Christians, yet this was simply not enough for the Puritan Englishmen because they still viewed themselves as superior to those who converted into their beliefs.
While the Pequot War is most commonly known as a dispute between the Europeans and the Pequot tribe, many others were involved. A major one was the Mohegan tribe; they were once conjoined with the Pequot tribe. With those that the Pequot once considered allies, or friends even, gone, the Pequot tribe was significantly

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