Cbaw Holland Debate

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CW Holland arrived at Anderson Mills Elementary at 12:15pm. CW Holland spoke with Carridy Bender and principle Mrs. Elizabeth Haun. The school stated that the older children attended the school when they attended. They stated that Atmorris and Ty both school sexual behavior that include thrusting their pelvis. Asking students to suck their dick. Zay was in the 1st grade and Ty was in the 3rd. The school disclosed barely seeing mom that a Jerry guy comes to the school for the boys. He is to believe to be the baby sitter. They stated that Xzavia was walking around the school with a pillow stating that he fell over a brick and hit his bottom on the ground. They commented that Xzavia has informed them that he has a butcher knife in the kitchen…show more content…
The denied taking pictures commented that Xzavia refused the action.

CW spoke with Xzavia. He stated that he is 7 years old since January. He rides the bus to and from school. He commented that his mother brought him to school on Friday. He stated that he lives with his brothers, his mother(Kim) and his dad (John). He stated that he get along with his brother. He commented they play basketball a lot. His dad works at night and the morning. He likes to play games with his mom like shoots and latters. When he is not with his brother, he likes to play with DJ and Deniana. They like to jump on the trampoline. He denied that anyone watches them. He stated the other children lives with Big Mama. He stated thatlast time he went ot Big mama was when he was in trouble. He was bored so he went over there and the other kids were sleep. He stated that everyone in his house was sleep but hime. He stated that Zay andTy came and got him. Xzavia denied that his mom has a gun. He denied seeing his mom with a gun. Xzavia denied that John owns a gun. He denied having a gun out to his head. When Xzavia is hungry he eats random stuff likes sandwiches. He commented he can make

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