Cdp Part I

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Running Head: Career Development Plan Part I University of Phoenix Robert Bernard HRM 531/Human Capital Management Job Analysis Sales and Solutions Sales Promotion Representative: Persuades customers to use sales promotion display items of wholesale commodity distributor: Visits retail establishments, for example department stores, taverns, supermarkets, and clubs to persuade customers to use display items to promote sale of company products. Delivers promotion items, for example posters, glasses, napkins, and samples of product, and arranges display of items in customer’s establishment. May also take sales order from customer. Manages sales activities of establishment: Directs staffing, training, and performance…show more content…
Serve as lead for projects, perform prototype and sample evaluations, diagnose technical problems, conduct bench and field tests, create reports and recommendations. Provide guidance on in-house assembly and inspection. Supervise Product Development staff. Qualified candidates will have product development experience; 6 years of consumer electronics experience or telescope industry experience (in a technical capacity); advanced understanding of optics; ability to analyze and understand product drawings; perform telescope and/or binocular repair and perform lab/field testing on optical parts. Telescope hobbyist preferred. Machine shop experience desirable. Must have good knowledge of Word/Excel, be able to prioritize, work under pressure, and meet deadlines, and communicate clearly and effectively. Must have knowledge of basic engineering drawing software, and have prior supervisory experience. Workforce Planning System Smith and Falmouth current culture seems to be at three different levels. The first level of concern is “the way we do things around here.” These are the methods the group has developed and teaches to its members. This culture includes the unique stories, ceremonies, and corporate rituals that make up the history of a successful workgroup. The second level is that shared values can play a critical part in the linking people together and can provide a powerful
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