Cecil Hotel Case

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The Cecil Hotel in L.A., a hotel infamous for unexplained deaths, suicides, and housing serial killers. Countless guests claim to experience unexplained visits. Serial killer Richard Ramirez lived at the Cecil Hotel in 1984 and killed 13 people (Romero, Kat). Any alleged haunting has a backstory. Mrs. Rosemary Ellen Guiley says, “A living person has energy and deposits it wherever they reside, This causes hauntings that can manifest as images, sounds, smells and movement” (McAndrew,Frank). It must have a high source of energy. A well known video of a woman acting erratically in an elevator seems odd at first, but it gets even weirder when her body was found a few weeks after in a sealed water tank. While she was in the elevator, she was acting…show more content…
It was built by Sarah Winchester in 1884. This house has deep roots with the paranormal. Mrs.Winchester built the house to hide from the spirits of the people killed by Winchester repeating rifles. It has stairs that lead to nowhere and doors that open to brick walls. The house has clear activity of multiple paranormal beings. Documentation done by Zak Begins proves the existence of ghosts in the house by taking multiple EVP recordings, spirit box sessions and EMF detections. A spirit mapping device was used in this house. This showed that an anomalous object in the shape of a human manifested itself then disappeared. This was accompanied by a spike in the EMF detector and a drop in the temperature (Winchester Mystery House). All of this grouped together adds to the validity of the supernatural residing in the Winchester mystery house. Many people have encountered spirits. Mediums, and technology have shown proof, that the Winchester Home and the Cecil Hotel, have both good and evil. The Winchester Home, Cecil Hotel, Shakespeare, Mediums, and technology are some evidence of the spiritual world. However, the mystery may never be clearly proven, the mystery of what happens when you die, until you inevitably experience it for
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