Celebrity Role Models Essay

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Today’s celebrity role models are debated as being inspirations or as discouragements to today’s youth. Celebrities have the tendency to cause bad behavior or promote a worthy cause that need more support. Some believe that these celebrity role models lead to horrible effects on today’s youth by leading dreadful examples. Others believe that celebrities should be role models as they give motivation for future generations to come. In general, the public figures that we see today do not make good role models for the reasons that some are abusive to the people who are near and dear to them, lead teens to believe that any action has little or no consequence,and lead to the lowering of self-esteem of teens body images. The influence for some bad behaviors are caused from some athletes abuse towards family members. Athletes have had the spotlight for being brutal to their children and significant others which can confuse children to be rude to their own family.. Minnesota Vikings’ Adrian Peterson was “on charges of child abuse and neglect”(Today’s Parents) for beating his son with a branch. Kids might think he is an amazing football player, but setting this example and having it go public is not what the children who look up to him should see. Bullying could also be started by seeing this behavior and thinking it's ok because their favorite person is doing it. There was a video release of Baltimore Ravens player, Ray Rice, “ knocking his fiancée unconscious in an

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