Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

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Nowadays, the majority of the world’s population owns a cellphone, but with the capabilities and resources this has allowed us there have been fears over potential hazards caused by this new technology, the most common theory being that heavy cellphone usage causes cancer. But are such fears rational? Various reports and scientific studies have produced a range of findings over the years. It seems with a lack of verifiable research, we’ve lacked a concrete answer. Recent scientific studies have told a different story; there’s little to no sufficient scientific evidence to suggest that cellphones cause cancer. Our group believes that there is not enough scientific evidence to support that cell phones cause cancer. Reading more about the connections between cellphones and cancer will help us determine if our hypothesis is correct or inaccurate. In Easton’s book Taking Sides he discusses both sides of the argument to the allegations of cell phones and cancer. Some people support the pro side- They say that there is sufficient scientific evidence to conclude that cell phones cause cancer. Early on in the history of cell phones there were studies to prove that they caused cancer. For the first two decades these studies have shown conflicting results. But more recent studies have shown people who have use cell phones for many years are in serious safety issues, for people who have used cell phones from more than ten years they have a higher risk for brain and salivary gland

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