Cempazuchitl: The Day Of The Fragility Of Life

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The decorations that are used during this tradition are easily one of the most beautiful and important parts in the ceremonies. These altars, also known as ofrendas, are decorated with many different things such as flowers, painting, skulls and objects that once belonged to the deceased. These decorations are to show honor and celebration. The flowers that are used on the alters are vibrant orange marigolds, also referred to as cempazuchitl. The marigold flower is a representation of the fragility of life, which is why it is the traditional flower of Dia De Los Muertos. It is said that marigolds have a very distinctive smell and when they’re paired with the right scented candle, it helps the spirits return. A lot of the time people will simply lay the flowers out but some strategically lay each petal out to help guide the spirits as well. These different decorations vary from place to place, along with the different kind of customs. Favorite foods and treats of the loved ones are also placed on the alter, along with drinks to quench the thirst of the dead. The different customs used to celebrate this day are all very luminous and colorful, yet…show more content…
A lot of people just assume that it simply means to mourn those who have perished but as you’ve read, it’s the complete opposite. The fact that they were able to take something as gloomful as death and turn it into a celebration is absolutely amazing. When you participate in this ceremony, it’s never supposed to be a sad or depressing time, but rather a period full of nothing but happiness, food, family and fun. You have complete strangers coming from all parts of Mexico and even the United States to gather around and laugh, sing and decorate in unity. This holiday means a great deal to those who celebrate it, it’s not your typical old custom holiday. Dia De Los Muertos is a beautiful traditional that I wish everyone got the chance to
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