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1 - Present the central marketing issue/problem in two to four sentences. Bert Clark, vice- president and general manager of Brannigan Foods’ Soup Division, is presented with many challenges in the soup industry. The following challenges are the increased of health concerns amid to consumers, most soups having preservatives and high in sodium, and how many customers have either moved to fresher, healthier soups or stopped buying soups completely. 2 - Identify which of the SWOT factors are most critical to the organization’s on-going success and discuss why they are critical. Strong brand loyalty especially with baby boomers in the American Culture since Brannigan is well-known for the excellent position within the target market. Baby…show more content…
Invest in the growing sectors According to the director of the Simple Meal Units, which is Srikant Tipha suggestions on how the company should focus more towards Heart Healthy Soups, Dry Soups, and Simple Meals by growing an 18% investment within the advertising section. The four P’s are applied throughout by the product having less preservatives and less in sodium therefore a healthier soup, price having the healthier soup at a reasonable cost, place having the product locating near the healthier section of the shelf space, and promotion will be building brand awareness. The strategy aims attention into the healthy lifestyle of the product and how the new trend in today’s society is healthier since the consumer is more aware of their physical and mental wellness. This allows consumers to shift towards a healthier but faster way to consume the product by applying it throughout their work, school, daily life schedule. Of course, introducing new recipes can have some advantages and disadvantages to the market segment. Usually, RTE soups are well-known for fast and simple meals leaving the consumer with the impression of a quick meal. Introducing a new product will benefit in taking away the sting of not being adept to introduce new products first, regardless of, the huge share of the market. Although, the company must create at least two successful recipes and likely has to go
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