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Chapter 9 Connecting to and Setting Up a Network Reviewing the Basics 1. How many bits are in a MAC address? 48 bits 2. How many bits are in an IPv4 IP address? In an IPv6 IP address? 32 bits, 128 bits 3. How does a client application identify a server application on another computer on the network? By a port number 4. What are IP addresses called that begin with 10, 172.16, or 192.168? Private IP addresses 5. In what class is the IP address Class B 6. In what class is the IP address Class C 7. Describe the difference between public and private IP addresses. If a network is using private IP addresses, how can the computers on that network access the Internet? Public IP addresses are licensed and authorized to…show more content…
Which wireless encryption standard is stronger, WEP or WPA? WPA 29. When securing a Wi-Fi wireless network, which is considered better security: to fi lter MAC addresses, use encryption, or not broadcast the SSID? To use encryption 30. Would you expect WPS to be used when a wireless network is using strong security, weak security, or no security (as in a public hotspot Strong security Thinking Critically 1. You have just installed a network adapter and have booted up the system, installing the drivers. You open Windows Explorer on a remote computer and don’t see the computer on which you just installed the NIC. What is the fi rst thing you check? a. Has TCP/IPv6 been enabled? b. Is the computer using dynamic or static IP addressing? c. Are the lights on the adapter functioning correctly? d. Has the computer been assigned a computer name? Answer: c. Are the lights on the adapter functioning correctly? 2. Your boss asks you to transmit a small fi le that includes sensitive personnel data to a server on the network. The server is running a Telnet server and an FTP server. Why is it not a good idea to use Telnet to reach the remote computer? a. Telnet transmissions are not encrypted. b. Telnet is not reliable and the fi le might arrive corrupted. c. FTP is faster than Telnet. d. FTP running on the same computer as Telnet causes Telnet to not work. Answer: a. Because Telnet transmissions are not encrypted 3. Your job is to support the desktop computers in a small company
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