Chadwick Inc : the Balanced Scorecard Essay

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Chadwick Inc : The Balanced scoredcard
Question 1
Although Norwalk Division of Chadwick is not dominate the industry of personal consumer products and pharmaceuticals , it earns a high market share and is successful rely on the well –managed and its high quality product . In order to maximum its profit in modern market , a balanced scoredcard can be used to support its “Product differentiation ” strategy .
Upon to John Greenfield ’ s draft of balanced scored , it is very effective that to put net contribution of each division and operation profit after taxes and the revenue from new products as well within the Financial perspective ,since the financial perspective is more concentrated on how much of operating profit results from …show more content…

In the end , a Learning –and –growth perspective will be necessary for Norwalk ,during the entire progress of Norwalk for developing a Balanced scordcard ,it is not difficult to find out that the employee capabilities even the manager’s capabilities need to be improved and training effectively because the Learning –and –growth perspective identifies the capabilities the organisation must excel at to achieve superior internal processes that create value for customers and shareholder, and this perspective can strengthen Norwalk ’s entire competing ability within the industry.
Question 2
The balanced scorecard does not focus solely on achieving financial objectives but also highlights the non-financial objectives .It balances the use of financial and non-financial performance measures to evaluate short-run and long-run performance in a single report . And this is problems faced by Norwalk Division managers. They complained about the continual pressure to meet short-term financial objectives in business that required extensive investments in risky projects to yield long-run returns. Furthermore, the Division-business strategy mentioned in Exhibit 1is not clearly and detailed enough for the whole company ,which is quite simple style and without a clear “quantitative data” as an objective ,it is difficult to communicate to employees and achieve the goals setup by headquarters.

The balanced scorecard helps to communicate the strategy to all members of the

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