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Chainsaw maintenance: The handiest guides for garden works

It is a powerful machine, used for pruning, cutting or cutting firewood, deforestation, even for impeccable let your orchard or garden. But not only it serves to make these works; you can also cut large blocks or chunks of ice. There need some skill in the use of chainsaws, & the maintenance some of its body parts: The CHAINSAW BAR & CHAINSAW CHAIN.

The bar and chain of a chainsaw needs a constant flow of lubrication during operation. If the bar and chain are not lubricated the tip and the bar begins to heat up. As it warms up even more, it can damage the bar, pinion, chain and even the clutch.

Bar oil

Bar and chain oil is the only type of oil that can be used to lubricate the …show more content…

This thickening will increase the friction and wear of the chain, bar and pinion. To avoid this wear, you need to make the bar a little oil. Thin the oil bar by adding 1 to 10 percent of # 1 diesel fuel or kerosene. Start with a lower rate of weight loss and work gradually up to 10 percent, only if necessary.

Another oil

No other type of oil should always be used on chainsaws. While many places can recommend using any type of oil, this can damage the bar, chain, pinion, assembly and, worst of all, the clutch oil pump. The oil should flow from the tank into the pump and into the bar. Such other types of automotive oil or two-stroke oil, will not be able to move through the oil system properly. This will cause the piston inside the oil pump to stick and stop pumping.

In a Bar

However, some scenarios may occur when you are far from any store and there are only a few cuts left to complete the job. In emergency situations, automotive oil, two-stroke oil and other types of oil is much better in the engine than I do not use oil at all. Without lubrication the tip heats quickly and the damage is very quickly. With these other types of oil only one last measure should be considered. After using, discharge any remaining oil and wipe out the oil tank with a brush, rag and wipe off a little …show more content…

Examine the bar for more than one "usage type" indicator. This indicates the types of jobs for which the chainsaw is designed. For example, a manufacturer makes three types of bars: casual, professional and commercial.

4. Look for an identification number stamped on the bar. Cross reference to any number that is sealed with the list of bars or chainsaws on the manufacturer's website.

How to replace a Chainsaw Bar

Heavy wear on a chainsaw will eventually require replacement of the bar, but this costly repair can be pushed further along the way with a regular maintenance program and replacement of the nose pinion on the bar. Replacing the tip costs a fraction of the price of a new bar and, along with proper care of the main body of the bar, the life of the chainsaw extends several more cutting seasons.


1. First remove the bar and chain from the chainsaw. Take out the motor head and chain aside. Put the bar on a flat metal surface.

2. Using the steel punch and a hammer pounds off the rivet by holding the pinion tip on the bar. Take out the old pinion tip.

3. Before places the new nose gear of the bar try to clean any residual splinters from the tip of the bar. Then place the new lower rivet down into the hole at the bottom of the

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