What Makes Oil Pulling?

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Oil pulling is a method that is being practiced for a long time and is one of the most effective methods for fighting against dental diseases like gingivitis, bad oral breath and plaque. This is a traditional method for curing dental floss and dates back to 3000 years. Having been originated from Ayurveda techniques, this is one of the best home remedy that has been tried and tested successfully. It involves the use of oil, preferably from coconut, sesame or sunflower and the oil is gargled and kept it in the mouth for about 20 minutes before spitting it out. This is not a method that is based on pseudo-science that has no specific science theory to back it up, it is based on the principle that the micro-organisms or the …show more content…

Experts suggests that the patient should take the oil early in the morning before breakfast i.e. on the empty stomach and swishing the oil thus rinsing the mouth walls and gums, for fifteen to twenty minutes at least. When the oil comes in contact with saliva it absorbs the toxic and germs that is causing the infection and therefore the oil under no circumstances must be swallowed. The oil which is generally yellow will turn thin and white once it has pulled enough germs and toxins. Once it has turned thin and white it can be spitted and mouth cavities must be thoroughly rinsed using tooth brush or fingers. If any allergic reactions are seen when using particular oil the brand must be changed if that does not help the oil itself have to be changed to another type. Sesame oil and sun flower oils are fund to be the most effective against the germs than other oils. However the health claims and the extent of effect of the oil pulling have not been studied and are not backed up by a strong scientific support or claim. National Centre for Health Research states that the extent of effectiveness of the oil pulling technique is not verified and the presence of any long term effect is also unknown.

However oil pulling method have become popular due to it 's simplicity and nature. This kind of disease otherwise might

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