Challenge And Benefit Of Diversity For Leaders And Organizations

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Challenge and Benefit of Diversity for Leaders and Organizations In America, many immigrants do not lose their culture identify like language, religions, and foods. People can identify other people who is Korean-American, Mexican-American, and Italian-American. It shows that many different cultures of people who live in United States, combine like a salad bowl. “Diversity describes race, gender, age, and other individual differences.” (Schermerhorn, 2013) Diversity is not only involves how people recognize themselves. It is how they realize others. (Diversity will increase a lot in few years. – go to conclusion?) This diversity in workplace considers benefit and challenge of diversity for leaders and organizations by responding to the following sentences:
1. Evidence-based reasoning for diversity in organizations.
2. The opportunities and challenges diversity can create for leaders
3. How diversity is influencing the business environment
Understand the diversity in organization in the United States and figure it out diversity‘s positive and negative effects to manager and organization.
Evidence-Based Reasoning for Diversity in Organizations
Diversity in workplace will increase more in few years. However, people still can see someone discrimination to other minority people in workplace. Gender and race diversity is big issues in America.
One of the oldest and done often diversity in the workplace is gender diversity. In 1970, sixty-two percent of workers were male and only…
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