Challenges Of Digital Forensic

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ABSTRACT Digital forensic has been growing from year to years. There has many challenges for digital forensic. Nowadays, no one not use a digital device and many people doing wrong thing with a digital device. That why, digital forensic have aim 5W’s which is Who, What, Why, When, Where to track all crime and solve them. This paper explores the current challenges of digital forensic and its future directions of digital forensic. Keywords—Digital Forensic, Current Challenges of Digital Forensic, Analysis, Future Directions of Digital Forensic. I. INTRODUCTION This new era of technology, lot of people 24/7 hours and days they always with device and some people too have to communicate or do work with their personal device. However, some of them …show more content…

User of digital nowadays save the personal or non-personal data on cloud because they want save space of their computer. IoT right now is ordinary but uniquely identifiable, addressable and contactable via the Internet. Quick and Choo [1] said about three particular aspects backlog: 1. An increase in the number of devices that are seized for analysis per case. 2. The number of cases whereby digital evidence is deemed pertinent is ever increasing. 3. The volume of potentially evidence-rich data stored on each item seized is also increasing. In this paper, I review some relevant current challenges and future of digital forensic. Section 2 tell about current challenges such as IoT and Cloud Computing. Section 3 analyze the current challenges. Section 4 provides the future direction of digital forensic. Lastly section 5 the conclusion of this paper. II. CURRENT CHALLENGES OF DIGITAL FORENSIC There have five major challenges areas for digital forensic, survey has been done in the area state by Raghavan [2]: 1. The complexity problem, arising from data being acquired at the lowest (i.e. binary) format with increasing volume and heterogeneity, which calls for sophisticated data reduction techniques prior to

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